Japan: Japanese Sweets Wagashi Making Class


I made 4 types of wagashi at  Kanshundo in Kyoto. It was a really fun experience.

I made the reservation online a few days before and got email confirmation the next day.

We went to their branch near Arashiyama as it was near Mifune festival we also went to that day.


When we arrived we got a warm greeting, they were expecting us! One of the shop staff helped us put aprons on and led us upstairs. We washed our hands and put our bags away and were seated by the chef.

Each place had a piece of paper explaining the types of sweets we would make, and pictures. Ours were in English. We were sat right at the front of the class, I guess so we had the best view and could follow what was happening.

About twenty people joined the class, mostly groups of girls or families.


Photos weren’t allowed but the class was easy to follow and instructions clear. Everyone tried to help each other and encourage them on!

My tip for the class is to make sure your hands stay a little moist from the wet towel! My wagashi stuck to my hand and fell apart at one point!

We made four types of sweets, first higashi kizato – two tone leaf shaped sugar sweets. Then jou-namagashi neri-kiri botan and nadeshiko and then lastly jou-namagashi kinton tsutsuji. 


When we finished making they brought out some matcha and we could eat the tsutsuji wagashi.





After they brought out little bags and ice packs to take the remaining sweets home in.

The following day I had the others!


Website: http://www.kanshundo.co.jp/museum/make/annai_e.htm

¥2160 per person.

4 thoughts on “Japan: Japanese Sweets Wagashi Making Class

  1. Wow I would LOVE to do this. I don’t know if I’ve ever even tried wagashi. I think once or twice but my only memory is that they tasted bad.

      • The first time I visited jp I thought all the food was awful! I don’t know what was wrong with me! It was my first time outside europe (2009) so I think it was too much change for me lol.

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