Kansai: Kimono kitsuke lesson Kyoto

I was lucky enough to join a kimono enjoy lesson in Kyoto during Golden week.


I usually work on Saturdays so could only join this class once during the holidays, Ms.Matsui was very kind and welcoming to the class and all the ladies are keen to teach kimono dressing. 

I took some of my own items but they have bags and bags of their own there so you can turn up empty handed. Some of my own items turned out to be no good (obi too small, obiage wrong…) but I could just borrow from the class.

First I had to change, I did not expect to have to get almost naked in a room of people – so wear good underwear!

We started with kimono underclothes such as kimono bra and slip and practiced putting on the nagajuban.

Then how to prepare the kimono for wearing, how to put on, how to angle the bottom of the kimono over your feet, how to tie, how to get the collars right… then we practiced again!


Next the nagoyaobi! I had tried at home before and watched a few YouTube videos and I still couldn’t do it myself, but with Ms.Matsuis help she made it seem easy! (Whether I can do myself again now is yet undecided!).


Finally finished!

Its nowhere near perfect but its a start. Now I have to challenge myself to try and try again!


Thank you for the lesson!!!

Kimono Enjoy: http://ameblo.jp/kimono-enjoy/

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