Osaka: Asahi Beer Factory Tour

In Japan I have already visited Yebisu, Suntory Malts and Sapporo beer factories, now the Asahi factory in Osaka.


The tour was free, I just had to make a reservation online (here) or you can call and speak to someone for an English language tour.


Where the beer is stored! Apparently one holds enough for one glass of beer a day for 4,000years. Wow.


Bottled beer across from the factory.


Part of the original factory by the entrance.


Inside I gave our name and we got some English information to read before our tour started.


Trained beer masters. Wow. That’s a real job?!

The tour started with a video presentation which was really retro and featured lots of people fake drinking beer, and lots of slow motion beer pouring and spillage. Made me thirsty for sure.

After that we followed the guide around different areas – ingredients, production, filtration, testing, canning and bottling and at the end a display of world beers.

Sadly photos weren’t allowed on the tour, I guess it would be too disruptive.

None one of the machinery was working when we visited and we didn’t see many workers. It would have been cool to see the bottling machines in action.


At the end is the tasting area and to be honest the actual reason people take the tour, 20mins up to three free glasses of beer. First we had to have Asahi Extra Cold and wait until everyone had a glass to “kanpai!” and start the clock.


After that you could choose from extra cold, premium or black.

The whole tour took 1.5 hours, it might have been more interesting if we hadn’t already been on a few of these tours and if the machinery had been working. But then again we got three free beers and its a good activity do on a rainy afternoon.


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