Osaka: Spa World Onsen Resort

Although I’ve been to Spa World many times I’ve never written about it as of course photos are forbidden inside!


Spa World is quite foreigner friendly there are lots of signs in English and you won’t be the only tourist there!

Usually I visit the onsen floor and resturaunt floor only, I have been to the swimming pool floor but it’s a little rusty and needs updating. The only good point of that area is that you can sit in a hot tub and look at Tsutenkaku tower lit up at night. However the floor closes early on weekdays so can only do this at weekends.

What it doesn’t say on their website is that for the last few years the price has been cut, it’s only ¬•1300 for adult entry at the moment.

What to do –
Go in and buy a ticket from the vending machine.
Exchange ticket at desk for an electronic wristband.
Take off shoes, enter and put in a shoe locker.
Then take the elevator up to the right floor, women and men are separated and the floors alternate every month. (Women have European onsen on odd months, Japanese onsen on even numbered months).
Take your clothes off and put them in a locker, remember your watch and jewellery too.
Grab a modesty towel at the end of the locker block.
Enter onsen!
You get sprayed as you go in, but you should shower properly too.

Onsen etiquette is available online but the main rules are – be naked, don’t put your hair in the onsen water, or your towel.

Tattoos are also a big no-no, although I have a tattoo and just cover it with a discreet plaster. No one has ever said anything to me.

I prefer the European zone, it seems to have more types of baths and the single baths in Finland zone are great. Both zones have salt saunas and they make my skin so soft. The saunas have foam mats for you to sit on so its not as hot on your bottom and your not sat in someone else’s sweat.

After soaking for some time (usually 40mins is plenty) you can towel off don the Spa World pink nightie (provided at the exit of the onsen area) and head to the 3F restaurant area.

There are a few places to eat – yakiniku or okonomiyaki resturaunts which I always think are bad choices when you are hardly wearing clothes. J and I usually just grab a drink and ice cream from main area and cool off.

Later you can repeat the onsen experience, head to the swimming pool (in costumes) or just go home.

I feel spa world is a relaxed low budget kind of place with lots of English to point things out of importance, so you should feel comfortable going especially if it’s your first onsen experience.


Bonus pic of the onsen bath salts J got me in the Spa World gift shop, they are shaped like old Japanese coins!

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