Osaka: Roast Beef Don (ローストビーフ丼)

I met up with my old Japanese teacher for lunch the other week, and she introduced me to….roast beef don.


Could there be a more beautiful combination of British and Japanese food?!

At first I was a little hesitant about it as it looked so pink and I’m not such a big fan of beef in general, but I’m glad I was too polite to say!

It was delicious!


It’s basically a bowl of rice with an abundance of roast beef on top, mayonnaise, and an egg (either raw or poached) sprinkled with chopped spring onion.

The bowl also comes with 4 sauces for you to try with it – Korean style, onion, cheese, and Japanese. The Korean sauce was our favourite.

A small beef don cost ¥780 plus tax.


Apparently this dish is becoming very popular nowadays, so you should try it!

I went to Butterfly Umeda but sure you can find many places that serve it.


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