Sapporo: Sightseeing & Food

2015-02-11 10.58.33

Some of the non-snow festival related places we visited in Sapporo and some Sapporo speciality food.

2015-02-08 13.53.35 HDR

When we visited Sapporo it was very cold and the paths were sludgy and icy, I slipped quite a few times! Luckily you can get most places underground through the long connected walkways.

2015-02-08 12.48.04

2015-02-08 14.06.25

So high.

2015-02-09 12.59.33 HDR

Lots of abandoned bikes.

2015-02-10 08.23.35

Boxes of grit for everybody to use.

2015-02-11 10.09.59 HDR

Our first sightseeing stop was Sapporo Clock Tower, it was only 200yen to enter and we got a free Hatsune Miku snow festival file. A lovely older gentleman introduced himself to us as the English guide and told us about the history of the building and how he used to come here as a young boy when it was a library.


Sapporo Tower was another spot we stopped at a few times.

2015-02-11 10.28.08

2015-02-10 20.59.17

2015-02-11 10.58.33

Fantastic view.

2015-02-10 21.09.32

Also a gift shop with bear or seal curry. Ew.

2015-02-11 12.36.44

2015-02-11 12.38.27

We stopped by Nijo Market for some fresh fish!

2015-02-11 13.03.43 HDR

Salmon rice bowl and crab soup, the couple who ran the place were super sweet and between our basic Japanese and English had a decent chat.


Susukino area, we visited a few times for shopping and the ice world part of the snow festival and most importantly for some Sapporo style ramen.


Ramen alley.


I got garlic ramen, yummy and so garlicky.

Other random convenience store based Sapporo specialities….


Special Sapporo only Georgia coffee with Hokkaido milk.


Hokkaido Milk pudding.


Hokkaido milk caramel.


Hokkaido ice cream.


Sapporo beer, the classic style is a Sapporo limited version.

Hokkaido is also famous for corn, potatoes and cheese, the corn was so cheap at the snow festival food stalls (300yen) I regret not getting any!

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