Osaka: Trick Art Exhibit


The Trick Art Exhibit came to Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

I went to the Trick Art museum in Tokyo a long time ago, and this was very similar, as its a moving exhibition though there wasnt the full environment experience – just pictures on a wall.


Fake sitting on a sofa, and someone elses random bag and umbrella in shot.


I got to be Cinderella!! Not so much of a trick though as I went behind a curtain to sit on a stool inside.


Pulling the naked lady’s leg.


Dont know what this pose is! There were lots of people around watching you take pictures and waiting their turn, I guess I felt the pressure and just pulled this weird one.


J is so much better at posing than me! Next to the pictures were hints of how to stand and pose. For the first few pictures there were foot marks on the floor where you should stand to take pictures, but it seemed they got bored of that and they petered out.




The picture from the promo material! You had to lie on the floor and lean upwards, it was hard to do, and dirty!!


Had to climb in a tiny space for this one.


Riding some dolphins.


The best picture was the last one, where you went into a small room and a staff member took your picture from a window.


Omg Im giant!

It only cost 800yen to go into the exhibit, I didnt think it was laid out very well, we were bumping into people when trying to take pictures, and there wasnt much space. We went on a Monday so imagine it would be worse on the weekend. However it was still a fun way to spend time on a rainy day and we got some funny pictures.

Daimaru Exhibition –¬†ends March 16th 2015.

Trick Art Museum Tokyo – I found some pictures of our visit in June 2012. Much better, and you had to take your shoes off!



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