Lolita wardrobe: Recent Additions Spring 2015

Since Christmas I have bought a few new lolita items. Yay!


If there is a lolibary entry Ive linked to it in the title.

Angelic Pretty Victorian Letter skirt brown.



I love the little perfume bottles and books!


Got it in the online sale when I was still in England. I like the print but I’m not sure about the high waist on me. I need to lose those extra pounds from Christmas still!

Angelic Pretty Brigette Emblem cardigan sax.
Love the colour, didn’t need it but wanted it! Plus it was in the sale asking to be bought.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Versailles Rose Bouquet pearl necklace.


I have been looking for a nice lolita brand pearl necklace for a while, Misako often wears one and looks great with everything. I bought this from a second hand stores website. It cost about ¥2800. I’ve worn it about 8 times already!

Ank Rouge Brown cardigan.

Not a lolita brand but this cardigan went straight into my lolita wardrobe, it is a short length so fits jsks perfectly and has cute bows on the cuffs. ¥1999 in the sale!

Disney x Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice in Wonderland skirt.
After failing to get the AP x Disney dress I wanted this skirt for sure so J bought online and I went to the shop, and now Ive got two!



I like the print, and the lace was better than I expected it would be, however the skirt doesnt have a zip or any inbuilt petticoat, so I guess thats how they saved money on it.


Alice and the Pirates Crown print beret brown.


I have a lot of berets, but no brown ones! Until now, I got 40% off in the sale. It looked giant but when worn it looks ok.

Baby the Stars sShine Bright Love Ring Present Box skirt black.


Perhaps my favourite and most recent buy of the year, I always liked the print but was on a secondary imaginary lolita list, where it wasnt a priority but I wouldnt mind owning either. I saw this on a second hand website and snapped it up straight away. Im surprised how well it fits and am looking forward to wearing it soon.

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