Starbucks Japan: Caramelly Sakura Chocolate drinks

So spring is coming, soon I hope! The stores are just starting to change their goods into sakura packaging, I saw sakura chocolate biscuits in the store, sakura beer packaging and sakura fragrance!

From February 15th Starbucks started their sakura series – this year its Caramelly SAKURA Chocolate latte or frappucchino.


I used my voucher from my tumbler to get the latte and J used a voucher to get the frappucchino, this way meant we didnt get the cute take out sakura cups, but we did get our drinks for free.

2015-02-16 12.23.24

J used his Osaka one and I used my tumbler from last year.

As usual the drinks are very sweet. I think the latte when hot had little taste but got better as it cooled.

The frappucchino was my favourite out of the two but in the whole scheme of things not a favourite at all.


Still, I always get at least one sakura drink as it is limited edition and I love pink.

The sakura chiffon cake was Js but he let me have a little.

2015-02-16 12.23.44 HDR

Its the same cake from previous years and actually I really like it.

The tumbler and goods selection this year is poor, I dont like the design or the yellow.

4524785251366_11_s 4524785253315_1(1) 4524785253322_11_s 4524785258129_11_s



Though there is another wave of goods coming later this month, I hope I like one of those!

Probably the best Starbucks Sakura item this year is the convenience store version Strawberry Sakura drink.


It has that sweet salty sakura taste with strawberry aftertaste, much nicer, and cheaper (219yen)!


If you’re not that interested in the range I say just try the convenience store version!


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