Sapporo: Ski Lesson Teine

I have never been skiing before in my life, and although you can just hire skis and find your own way, I thought it was safer for all concerned if I took a ski lesson.

2015-02-10 13.37.05 HDR

After a quick google around we decided on Teine as it was close to the city and offered adult beginner lessons in English.

Even though I’m completely new to skiing I had heard people rave about the fresh powdery snow in Sapporo and how it was the best, so I was really looking foward to trying it.

On the day we had to get up very early to be at the ski rental lodge by 9:30am, we had to take a train from Sapporo JR and then a bus up to the highlands. The bus was absolutely jam packed and J and I were the last to get on, holding on to the rails and getting thrown around for 20 minutes wasn’t the best start to our experience.

2015-02-10 11.37.56

We arrived 5 minutes late, and gave our details, I had already called and made a reservation some weeks ago. We were given our beginner skis, some boots, pants and a jacket and told to go and change.

2015-02-10 10.00.07

After that we waited….and waited….for almost an hour. Finally Sam our instructor appearered.

2015-02-10 10.41.04

There were two other people joining us on our lesson, a mother and daughter from Hong Kong.

2015-02-10 11.38.58

Outside we first learnt how to put on the skis, how to walk up hill, how to make a pizza shape, and how to turn whilst standing still. At last we were allowed to go down the slope – hands out looking forward, and basically falling while standing up.

2015-02-10 12.25.44

Not too bad!

We practiced a few times and went a little higher each time, to get to the top of the baby slope we were using there was a bus shuttle service. It was a bit of a pain having to take off skis, wait for the bus, get on and off at the top and re-ski.

2015-02-10 10.39.10 HDR

That said the 2 hours seemed quite long, and I was ready for a break at the end of it.

2015-02-10 11.20.53

We could have rented the clothing and skis for the rest of the day for some more money, but we decided wed had enough for the day and had more things we wanted to see and do in Sapooro city.

2015-02-10 13.37.16 HDR

So we returned our gear and went to the ski lodge for a hot drink. We got some hot chocolate and J got some chicken while we figured out when the next bus back to the station was.

2015-02-10 12.56.58

Turned out the next bus was in THREE HOURS! We had no choice but to call a taxi and wait, luckily another couple asked us if they could share with us as we were getting in, so we split the cost (just over 2000yen total). The taxi driver scared me a little he drove full speed down iced windy roads.

2015-02-10 13.47.36

I really enjoyed my ski experience at Teine and feel confident now to just hire the skis and clothing and to ski without an instructor. Sam our instructor was very knowledgeable, helpful and spoke perfect English.

It cost 8500yen each for the 2 hour lesson – that included rental of clothing (jacket, pants, boots, ski goggles, gloves and hat) skis and insurance.

2015-02-10 10.34.44




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