Disney: Duffy Costumes

Due to my surge in love for Duffy I’ve been buying some new clothes for him.



Before I went home for Christmas I bought a Woody from Toy Story costume and had it delivered to my parents address in England. From eBay.co.uk it was only £10.99 compared to ¥4990 in Astro Zombies Osaka.


On Christmas Day I opened a gift from J which he had stuffed secretly in my suitcase. The Fantasia costume! The hat lights up.


In the UK I also went to Build a Bear Factory, I bought some shoes and jeans for Duffy and Gelatoni. They didn’t have any plain tshirts, or plaid shirts so couldn’t complete an outfit. I did add them to the Fantasia outfit though!


The shoes are my favourite buy as they make him able to stand up (albeit precariously!).


Back in Japan I got on Yahoo Japan Auctions buying things, first I got Dear Danny, then the Sweets Duffy & Shelly May from 2011. I bid on a few matching costumes but got outbidded, unto, I won this.

Summer Cape Cod 2010 costume, with Duffy. For only ¥3600.


His summer straw boater and sailor collar are just too cute.

The Duffy on the left below has my favourite outfit on though a handmade costume from JYA. It included a sweater, pants, bag, necklace and winter coat. It is so well made and cost ¥3650.



Dressing Duffy up really adds versatility and more fun to him, a mini competition between TDS goers as to who has the best dressed and most original Duffy!

For myself I cant wait to take winter Duffy to the Sapporo snow festival and Cape Cod Duffy out on a summer adventure!




One thought on “Disney: Duffy Costumes

  1. All your Duffys are just Super Cute!!😍
    Funny thing is that I have also recently been more into Duffy, ShellieMay and Gelatoni too.😳😊
    I really, really enjoy dressing them up!!😃
    Love your winter costume, Cape Cod costume and The Fantasia costume too!!😍

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