Disney: Sweet Duffy Valentines 2015 & 2011

In the last year or so I have moved away from Rilakkuma and more towards Duffy and his friends from DisneySea. Valentines day in Japan is mostly about making chocolates for your loved ones. So for Valentines Duffy always has a cooking sweets theme.



The design this year is cute, but not that disimilar to last years, they are wearing a chef style outfit, with aprons and hats.

gd01_ph12 gd01_ph13

Last year I got a small Duffy strap, however as this is the first Valentines Day since Gelatoni joined the gang I decided to get the large Gelatoni strap.



Duffy items in Japan are DisneySea exclusives, you have to go in the park to get them. To go to Tokyo and enter DisneySea it would cost me a minimum of 16500yen for the night bus and Disney ticket alone. Luckily(?) there are plenty of people who have annual passes for the park and will do your shopping for you. The items often end up on Amazon, Rakuten or auction websites at an inflated price. I got mine from Amazon this time, the original price for the strap was 1800yen and I paid 2500yen inc postage.

2015-01-22 13.12.40 HDR

Perfect. Often the resellers will take the time to find the ones with the cutest faces.


Here he is residing on my work bag.

Apart from the costume plushies and ususal goods, you can buy a lot of cooking utenstils, mixing bowls, aprons, oven gloves, chocolate molds etc…and some crafting items such as cloth and buttons.





My favourite ever sweets Duffy series is from 2011, and after much searching and bidding I won the large straps brand new with tags on Yahoo Japan Auctions.


<3333 So much love.


Website: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/fantasy/sweetduffy2015/goods_index.html


4 thoughts on “Disney: Sweet Duffy Valentines 2015 & 2011

  1. Super cute purchases! So lucky that you could find the 2011 straps. Disney Sea really was full of adorable Duffy valentines decorations when I was there, I should have taken more photos for my blog. I bought a very cute tin of sweets, similar to the one you posted. I can’t resist cute tins as it is, it was just a bonus it happened to be full of delicious baumkuchen!

  2. Your Gelatoni has a very nice face!! 😃
    So glad that you bought Duffy and Shellie May Sweet Duffy 2011 too.😊 Every one is super cute!!😄 One of my favourite Sweet Duffy costume would be from 2013.

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