Disney: Dear Danny Lamb (こひつじのダニー)

Last year we had Gelatoni this year it’s Dear Danny. Personally I think he is completely adorable, and I had to have him!


He has his own mini site – http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/fantasy/tdl/danny/index.html

Apparently he’s a very old character from So Dear To My Heart released in 1948.


At the moment there are a few goods – a plushie, bag, towel, key strap, tin of cookies, badge, phone case and more.





He was released at Tokyo Disney Land on January 6th and as I’m not planning a trip to Tokyo any time soon I had to scour Amazon.co.jp, Rakuten and many auction websites, he eventually popped up on Yahoo Japan Auctions.


Stupidly cute.



He’s so soft!

I hope he becomes a TDL regular.


8 thoughts on “Disney: Dear Danny Lamb (こひつじのダニー)

  1. I have been thinking of getting him for quite a while. And after looking at your Danny, I knew I just had to get myself a Danny too.😊 I was lucky enough to find one in Yahoo last week so am now anticipating his arrival !!😃 Hugs to your Danny!!!😍

    • Eeeee! That’s great! <3 wonder if it was the same seller as there aren't many on there! I would also love the hand towel and cookie tin! :) maybe one day…. Hope your Danny arrives safely soon!x

      • Thank You!! Yes!! I agree that not many people sold The stuffed toy version in Yahoo so you could have imagined my excitement when I found it. I did get for myself a plush keychain too of similar design. Oh yes, I totally agree that the towel and cookie tin are cute too!😊

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