Food & drink: Eggs & Things Pancakes

After first seeing the massive queue for Eggs & Things in Omotesando, Tokyo in 2013 I finally tried it for myself.


There is always always a queue for Eggs & Things in Shinsaibashi, I can never understand it! We even saw a branch in Kobe and thought, oh the queues not bad, not realising it continued 30 people deep around the corner.

So we were so surprised on a rainy Thursday afternoon (about 5pm) that there was no queue of any kind! Gobsmacked we were led to a free table.


J and I both ordered pancakes, I got coconut, and he chose banana and nuts, J also got a lemon and ginger hot drink.


The pancakes.



They were probably the best pancakes I ever tasted, thick, light and fluffy, better than the ones at Elk their local rival.

At first I couldn’t taste the coconut in my pancakes but when I tried Js original ones his were very sweet and buttery compared to mine.

5 pancakes were far too many, but for ¥850 for mine it was good value. I asked if I could take my left overs away but they said no sorry. So we stuffed ourselves trying to finish them.

On the table we had three pancake syrups – maple, coconut and guava. All were delicious.

I would go again if I didn’t have to wait, as delicious as they are they aren’t worth waiting 2 hours for! Also I’d share a with a friend, 5 pancakes were too many.



2 thoughts on “Food & drink: Eggs & Things Pancakes

  1. Hi!! Thanks for sharing!!! The pancakes do look really delicious!!! But I am a little bit curious. Why were you not encouraged to take home the pancakes that you had difficulty finishing? Thank you for enlightening me!!😊

    • It’s not so common for places to let you take home food anymore, it’s something to do with food hygiene. It’s not very common in the UK either. I would have liked to have taken them home though as there were so many! Oh well, next time I know to share :D thanks for reading and commenting <3

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