Lolita: Lucky Pack and Sales shopping 2015

It’s sales time again!


This year I wasn’t able to be in Japan for the New Years sales, not to worry though (I thought) as last year Angelic Pretty and Baby had packs instore for a while, and I was due back on the 5th.

Baby were the first to put their LP information online.


I actually didn’t like either LP, the Baby one or Alice and the Pirates one.



They were more expensive than last year I think and definitely came with less. Last year I bought one based on the blouse and bag alone.

Some recent information can be found here.

I went to the Osaka store when I returned to Japan, they still had a few Alice and the Pirates LPs left. The sale was pretty tame, a lot of items 30% off and very few 50% off. Hopefully more will be reduced soon.


The online store sale has been going since December 20th, but there was nothing I wanted.


Angelic Prettys specially made LP this year featured lambs in some kind of candy floss world, called Cotton Candy Shop. I like that they did lambs as 2015 is the year of the sheep.


The print really wasn’t me.


The plain Doll set was nice and very good for beginner lolitas who are still building a basic wardrobe.


AP also released some limited edition sets of recent prints.


Ooh the last one is pretty! I decided to try for it online from the UK to go to my Japanese address. Released at 9:00 UK time, I tried, and tried and failed.


By 9:10 all SOLD OUT.


I did however get something in the online presale.


Victorian Letter skirt in brown. I wasn’t sure how the high waist would look on my figure but risked it.

In store on the 5th there were many LPs left, lots of Cotton Candy Shop, and a few Doll sets in lavender. The LPs continued down the right hand side of the shop too.


They had a few Victorian Letters in brown, and an OP in green, one Cream Cookie JSK in brown (40% off). I didn’t actually buy anything though.


I checked Innocent World but they had no LPs and the sale was really poor. The online sale starts on January 7th so hoping there will be some good selections online.


They also restocked the LPs online recently too so you might be lucky…

As for other brands Emily Temple Cute had a sale, Closet Child and Metamorphose.

I also picked up a cute dress and cardigan from F.i.n.t .


Some good places to shop high street brands for LPs are Magnaseek and Flag Store, they both have huge sales too.

Happy shopping!

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