Osaka: Viajero jewellery store

I recently did the Snowman Stamp rally with J and it took us through some new areas and areas we haven’t been to in a long time. Even though it was raining it was fun! The best discovery of the evening (besides 31 ice creams new brown sugar and cinnamon flavour) was Viajero.

(Photo from

Its an affordable jewellery store where everything is customisable.

There isnt much information online about this store, they dont have a website and the Osaka store in Chayamachi seems pretty new. From what I gather its the sister store of Voyageur in Kobe.

I was so busy shopping I didnt take any pictures instore, neither did J. It has a regular display of items, and at the back rows and rows of jars with pearls, ribbon, charms and chains. Two shop staff were stood at a work table making earrings.

(Photo from

The woman approached us to ask if we needed help and said that the items were customizable.

I chose a pair of earrings for 1000yen and a present necklace for 2000yen plus tax. I had a choice of three colours, about 10 different chain types and I could dictate the chain length. I was asked to come back in thirty minutes while they made my necklace.

And here they are…





I really loved this store, its such a great idea and experience, they had some really unique items.

It was even featured on the Vouge Japan blog last year.

Here are some other blogs and websites that also mention their stores.


〒530-0013 大阪市北区茶屋町8-4 cst ビル1F
Open 12:00 – 20:00

Edit Jan 2015
I still really love this store, they have three shops in Kobe, although they all carry rather similar items. I went back to the store and the friendly English speaking shop staff helped me with what I wanted. Together we designed a cotton pearl necklace. The experience was really fun, she was very kind and patient with me as I didn’t know exactly what I wanted.


It has light blue and lavender accents for spring/summer.

It cost ¥3400+tax, which is the usual price, designing it was free and only took 15 minutes for the shop staff to make.


6 thoughts on “Osaka: Viajero jewellery store

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  2. Hello!
    I’m staff of jewerly shop viajero.
    Suddenly I just found your brog:) so i was glad!
    That cotton pearl necklace was so suit you!
    I’m looking forward to you visiting our store.
    Thank you:)


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