Kyoto: Autumn colours and light up at Kodaiji Temple

After taking the boat down the river into Arashiyama we walked around the park a little, then headed back to Higashiyama to visit the light up at Kodaiji Temple.

IMG_5631 - Copy

The boat dropped us off right by the park, the trees there seemed to be at their peak colours.





We walked up through the park to get back to Arashiyama station and go to Kodaiji.

IMG_5512 - Copy

IMG_5515 - Copy

IMG_5545 - Copy

We had to queue in a really long line just to get in, it moved pretty fast though and we were in within 30 minutes. It cost 600yen to enter the temple.

IMG_5563 - Copy

IMG_5569 - Copy

There were some inside parts that were open, at first I said lets skip it as there didnt seem much and I couldnt be bothered taking my boots off, but when I got to the corner I ushered J back.

IMG_5572 - Copy

IMG_5578 - Copy

After the first small building you follow the walk way to another larger building, and at the back is the zen garden.

IMG_5584 - Copy

IMG_5589 - Copy

The lights kept turning on and off along in time to some music.


The reflections of the leaves in the water were gorgeous.

IMG_5658 - Copy


Following the route we were led into a bamboo area with paper umbrellas.



So hard to capture the entire view and atmosphere in a photo.

I enjoyed Kodaiji more than Kiyomizu Dera, Kiyomizu has the epic view of the city and leaves that look like they are burning, but its just one view, Kodaiji has a lot more to see and it wasnt half as crowded.

This years colour report:

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