Disney: DisneySea Christmas Wishes

I love Disney resorts, I love Christmas, the two together?! Waaa!


We visited DisneySea on the 17th November, the weather was pretty good, only bad point was I was really sick that day, which really spoilt things.


At the station.

2014-11-17 09.07.19 HDR


Going into DisneySea!


We head straight for the fastpass for Tower of Terror, my favourite ride, and then to the back of the park where we bumped into Chip and Dale. I tried for a picture but they were finishing.


We rode Aquatopia instead, the queue wasnt too long about 30 minutes.


Duffy came with me and wore his UniBEARsity santa outfit. So many people had their Duffys in some fantastic outfits too. I was surprised by how many people had Gelatoni as well. I guess if you have Duffy already you buy Gelatoni at the park.


Later I caught a glimpse of the Christmas show infront of the Tower of Terror, honestly I couldnt really see. I wish Id gone in and sat down for hours and waited for a good view.


Minnie on stage.


My actual view.

When we could get another fastpass we went to Toy Story but all fastpasses were gone (by about 11:30am), so instead J went to fastpass something else and chose Journey to the Center of the Earth.


We walked around Cape Cod, the light house was all covered up for renovation though.


Went in the Duffy store.


Admired the Chirstmas tree.


At some point we ran into Chip and Dale for the third time, and I managed to get a picture. Yay.


We went on the SS Columbia.



It had a nice view from the deck, it was really quiet too, a good place for a nap.


Afterwards we grabbed some food in Cape Cod, I got the special desert. It was really nice, and only 850yen with the cup. Wish Id got the plate now too!

Finally it was was time for our ride on the Tower of Terror. J hated it, he went rigid as it was coming down. Poor boy.

I knew just what would cheer him up…


Meeting Duffy!!! Only Duffy pointed at his belly and called him fat. I got a kiss and a cuddle though.

2014-11-17 10.37.33

Indiana Jones ride.

2014-11-17 10.36.44 HDR

Cute Donald display.

2014-11-17 11.15.49 HDR



After this it was getting dark, so we just relaxed. Bought the Alien christmas popcorn bucket, drank some hot wine on the pier. Looked at the shiny attractions.


In Venice with my new friend Gelatoni!


Around the park they have these Duffy photo points, where you put your Duffy for a perfect picture.


Isnt the painting cute?!


We tried for Toy Story again but the wait was over two hours, so decided not to.


We saw a little of another show. It was a bit trippy, at one point there was a huge dancing sandwich.

2014-11-17 18.03.12

I went on Journey to the Centre of the Earth but after Tower of Terror J wouldnt go.


We grabbed some dinner from Mysterious Island and put out feet up.

After that we watched the Fantasmic show, and a bit of the Christmassy one.


We wanted to stay for the fireworks at the end, but just before they were scheduled, they announced a cancellation because of the wind.


We took the monorail back to the main area and left, happy but exhausted.

You can view all my Disney purchases here https://teatwosugarsplease.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/disney-disneysea-shopping-haul-christmas-wishes/

3 thoughts on “Disney: DisneySea Christmas Wishes

  1. Hahaha, like Duffy can talk! I love Disney Sea. How was the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride? And did you get to go on Indiana Jones? The one time I’ve been to Disney Sea, there was a three hour line for that one, ever since then I’ve been curious about how good it is.

    • Hi Annabelle! :) I know right Duffy has a bit of a podgy too! Journey was good but not the most amazing ride, by the time I could fast pass normal waiting for it was only 40mins or so. Sadly didn’t go to Indiana, hopefully next time! Let me know if you go before how it is!x

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