Osaka: Osaka Castle Danjiri Festival

Osaka Castle are currently having a 400 year celebration, on top of that they had their Danjiri festival when we went on November 3rd.


As we entered from Morinomiya we could hear the sound of Danjiri music, and we didn’t have to go far to find the festival floats.



We could see about 6 floats and more just kept coming around the corner!

These guys ushered us over for a pic together – thank you!

After watching a while we followed the path up and around towards the castle. The trees are just starting to turn to autumn colours and it was a beautiful day.


Around the castle were many stalls for the 400th year celebrations. We got some food and drinks and sat for a while.


After we walked back down, we could see the floats still being pushed and pulled around the park.


We caught up with them at the end of the their path, there were 20 floats in total!





I went home still singing danjiri music! We are planning to go back to explore the castles 400th year celebrations some more soon.


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