Osaka: Honolulu Coffee Tiramisu chocolate cup

I visited Honolulu Coffee for the first time, the point of my trip was this…


Tiramisu of the coffee taste.

Not all Honolulu Coffee cafes have this in stock, so check their website first. We got the last two at the Dotonbori branch.


Let’s eat!


The cake was a bit dry for me, but I guess it can’t be too wet or would destroy the chocolate cup.


Empty. Now how to eat it?! We had bamboo forks that weren’t strong enough to break the chocolate up. Our fingers? Touching the chocolate even gently made it melt. Hmm…this is going to be messy.



Wow, the chocolate is thick, dark and very rich. I started getting heart palpitations from all that sugar! I couldn’t finish it but J helped me out.

It’s definitely a fun idea and for only ¥520 worth trying, I’d give it 8/10.

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