Disney: Duffy the Disney Bear Clothes

So a few months ago I found out that as well as the official Disney Park releases Build a Bear Workshop and UniBEARsity clothes fit Duffy and Shellie May!


First I bought the Angelic Pretty x Disney collaboration series Upside Down Story dress.


Then I bought an offbrand baseball outfit for Duffy off amazon.com.

(Also came with matching cap).

Today I bought two UniBEARsity outfits, a christmas one and Anna from Frozen.


I knew the Anna dress fit Shellie May perfectly as I’d already seen a review online, but the Santa one I wasn’t sure about. Apparently boys clothing can be really hit or miss from the UniBEARsity range.


Eeee so cute! But very tight. He looks very Simon Cowel in these. I do love the hat and beard though, I think it makes up for the high waist pants.


Perfect. I love the quality and detailing of this costume.

Ready for DisneySea next week!

The cheapest way to clothe your Duffy is by making an outfit yourself, or buying from America. Even official Duffy clothing is affordable there, $30 for a Duffy Elf costume from the Disney Store.

Check the American Disney Store, Build-a-bear workshop, Amazon and eBay websites.

In Osaka there are a few places you can buy officially made Disney clothes for Duffy.
Abeno Harukas Solaha shopping mall has a toy store on the first floor with a good selection of clothes and Duffys. Prices are insanely high though about ¥6,500 for a simple outfit, ¥10,000 for Duffy and ¥10,000 for the same $30 Elf costume in the American Disney Store.
Slightly cheaper is Astro Zombies in DenDen town, they have a smaller selection of clothes and collectable Duffys.
I’ve also seen Duffy in the Donki Osaka Dotonbori store and Umeda store right on the top floors but not sure if still available.

Right now DisneySea are holding a voting competition to celebrate 10 years of Duffy at DisneySea you can vote for your favourite Duffy outfit and the winner will be rereleased in 2015. I voted for this one!


Haunted Mansion Duffy <3

My husband bought me a Gelatoni at DisneySea and the Santa outfit fits him with room to spare. Much better!


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