USJ: Halloween Horror Nights 2014

Since my last post I’ve returned to USJ twice for Halloween Horror nights!


We caught up with some friends there mid afternoon on a Sunday the first time. I was excited to see the Carnival parade! Sadly I didn’t catch any beads but my friends did and gave me some! Yay.


After the Carnival we went to Harry Potter and joined the two hour queue for the HP and the Forbidden Journey ride. Second time for me and I still enjoyed it as much as the first time.


When we came out the other side it was 6pm and time for the big zombie release!

As it was a Sunday and massively busy we got squished in the screaming crowds and couldnt take any pictures. It was a shame as there was a guy in a big inflatable fat suit that squirted water on me when he passed, eww.

A week or so later we popped over for about an hour on a Monday night.


I wore this years Halloween costume – Hermione from Harry Potter!


Zombies eating someone on a car.


The living dead.

IMG_3902 IMG_3882

This guy was great, he stayed in character the whole time!


This year there was a new aspect to it all, you could buy flashing eye balls to wear around your neck, zombies love eyeballs so if you wear it they will scare you more! So thats why this zombie has a couple of eyeballs dangling from his lips. Eww.

Halloween Horror nights was as good if not better than last years, there were more zombies, and I saw the zombie thriller dance on the small stage which was great. I didnt get to go on any Halloween special attractions this year though as the lines were too long but I still enjoyed it. There are just a few more days left of the Horror nights, so go now!

Looking forward to the next big event – Christmas!!!


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