Japan: Suzuka F1 2014

I grew up watching Formula One on Sundays at my Nannas house with my Dad, the zoom zoom always made me fall asleep! I have to admit since I moved out of my parents I havent watched much F1 but I was super excited to go to the JAPANESE GRAND PRIX IN SUZUKA!!!!


Tickets cover entry for all three days – Friday practice 1 and 2, Saturday practice 3 and qualifying, and the race on Sunday.

Friday we arrived early afternoon, we entered the main area and promptly bumped into Villeneuve.


The stands are open for all ticket holders (excpet the Grandstand) on the Friday, we first went to check our seats for practice 2, then walked to another.



Ricciardo crashed in the second practice, and we saw his car being towed away.


It was so hot that day!


In the main area there were many stalls from the different teams selling goods, but it was all very expensive. It was much cheaper on the Official F1 websites online shop.


Johnny Herbert interview on the main stage.


Special womens powder room


Zebra zone jam in the gift store.




We arrived fairly early for the Nigel Mansel interview.



So much love for Nige, everyone had stick on Nigel mustaches, I was so jealous, I tried to get one but they had already sold out.


Many people had these hats, you could actually make them there!


Honda are going to re enter F1 for 2015, so they had a display of cars. Some of the vendor staff gave us free stickers then pushed us into a room to record a good luck message for the Honda team.


The most awkward 20 seconds of my life.


How amazing are these Ferrari samurai?! There was a whole big family group of them.

Part of Suzuka race course is a theme park, and while you are there for F1 the attractions are included in your ticket price. So of course we rode the famous Suzuka ferris wheel.



It was a fantastic view over the course and main stage area.


There was a lot of love for Kamui on his home track and we all got free Kamui flags to wave! Here he is at the corner of my flag.



Practice 3 and qualifying went pretty well, was good to see the cars really open up and go fast in qualifying.


The approaching typhoon was being tracked by officials as the wind was getting stronger.


We went on a few more attractions in the evening, and saw another Nigel interview in the Grandstand.


You could see right into the pit lanes behind them.


The sky was beautiful as we left.



Race day and also typhoon day, super typhoon day.


It was so busy this day the crowds and queue for the bus from the train station were insane.


We reached the circuit about 12pm, because of the high winds and rain a lot of special events were cancelled such as Nigel Mansels lap in his old Williams.

Finally the race started!



It actually started behind the safety car because of the bad conditions. You can see how fast they were going even with all the rain.


The race seemed really stilted and over too soon. We could see a large screen in the distance and listen to the Japanese commentator, but we also followed the race on the F1 app and radio.


We were sat just to the right of the crossover.

I also facetimed with my sister in the UK and she was able to tell me about the bad crash and that they had finished the race early before it was announced officially by the Japanese commentator. Sadly Jules Bianchi had a serious crash and even now a month later is still in Mie hospital.


Overall I had a fantastic time at Suzuka, there was a great atmosphere and there was a lot to do apart from watching the couple of hours of racing each day. My ticket was in G3 and was one of the cheapest ones, J say if we go again we go Grandstand or not at all. Seeing as Grandstand tickets are four times what we paid for G3, I cant see them being 4 times as exciting as we get to experience most of the same facilities and events.

I took some of my own video of the race but this one is better!


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