Osaka: Hanshin Tigers Bar Toracy

The Hanshin Tigers made it into the playoffs and might win the Japan series, they already beat the biggest team in Japan the Giants. Now it’s down to the last few games against the Softbank Hawks.

Tickets sold out in 5 minutes, not surprising seeing as they haven’t gotten this far for ten years.

So on Sunday we went to Toracy a Hanshin Tigers bar to enjoy the game.



J made a reservation for us the night before as it can get pretty busy.


(Js pics from the night before).

We settled at the bar, ordered our drinks and got a little bucket of popcorn for the table cover. It’s ¥1,000 on game days!

They are famous for their takoyaki, so about half way through we realised we were the only group in the small bar who hadn’t had any, so we ordered some too.


Cooking and keeping an eye on the game.

Of course as I was watching Hanshin were losing, 2-0.

The two bar staff were very helpful, and joined us for a bit, expertly turning our takoyaki.


I don’t usually like takoyaki but these were so good, I’d get them again, and they were only ¥600.

In the end the Tigers brought it up to 2-1 but still lost. There was a good atmosphere in the bar and it was fun to watch with other fans. The bar itself was small and cluttered but had two good size TVs, and lots of small baseball decorations.


Nothing beats actually going to the game, but this was a close second.


If Tigers win my husband says he’s jumping in Dotonbori river, along with many other crazy fans no doubt!


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