Lolita: Mini meet ups

Recently a few friends have visited Osaka, and it’s always lovely to meet up and catch up!



First Emer and her friend Cath came from Ireland via Seoul, we went to an izakaya, ate a lot, drank a little then did karaoke and sang all night :)


The week or so after Kyra and Aliki came from London, I only had a few hours to catch up with them after work, we went to take purikura and to another izakaya.


Then at the weekend I caught up with Sarah from Gifu, we went shopping and had lunch at Anamune.



For the last two I wore my new Innocent World book JSK Strahov Library, it’s a bit of a strange fit on my body but I really love it.


I really need to plan a big meet up soon! There have been some local events such as Princess Dream in Nagoya, Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea parties in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, and the Atelier Pierott party in Tokyo but sadly I haven’t been able to attend any.



I love the new BTSSB Kumyachan Christmas Holly Night series, the print just makes me happy. I’d love the JSK in green but seems impractical, so will just get the tote bag if I can. I made a collage of the print preview pics for my iPad background!

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