Osaka: New Glico Running Man

Osakas famous landmark on Dotonbori bridge has undergone a modernisation this fall, and it was finally revealed last Thursday!


From this…….

Our last picture with the old one in August, apparently it needed updating to LEDs as the old style bulbs were becoming hard to source.

After it was turned off, it was quickly covered up and a poster of Haruka Ayase was put over the scaffolding.

Then it changed to white, with some text saying ‘coming soon…’.

The big reveal!



It’s so bright!! In day time it is not lit up and looks like corrugated plastic.

I’m not sure why but it looks like he’s running the Great Wall of China here.

I’m glad the style of the running man hasn’t changed, but would have liked to have seen them keep the other famous landmarks in the picture. It used to have Osaka Castle and Tsutenkaku on there, but with the coloured LEDs I hope they change it up and show some seasonal Osaka in the background.

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