Nagasaki: Glover Garden

I had a fun morning at Glover Garden in Nagasaki before taking the boat to Hashima Island.


Glover Garden is actually a collection of houses on a hill that were built for a Scottish man (Mr.Glover) and his friends who were involved in international trade from Japan to the world.

Very kindly they provide outdoor escalators to the top!


There are some great views down the hill over the port from the top.


The houses are open for you to stroll around in and most rooms look like they were left as they once were.


It felt like I was walking around my grandmothers house.


It said on information signs everywhere the houses were built in a typical British fashion, it wasn’t like any house we had ever seen in England though.



Either way it was really nice!


Some of the rooms had things you could take pictures with, like this desk.


There were a lot of model ships around, and a display about Tamaki the opera singer, as Madame Butterfly was influenced by Glover Garden.

The most interesting thing I saw there was this…

IMG_2756  IMG_2754

Apparently its the lion the Kirin beer logo was based off.


The main Glover residence had a nice balcony and view from the front and a big Koi pond with lots of hungry fish.


We had a lovely morning at Glover Garden, strolling around and taking lots of pictures. Id definitely go again.


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