Nagasaki: China Town, Megane Bridge and the Peace Park

Nagasaki is famous for being one of the first sites for international trade in Japan and the second atomic bomb.


Three of the popular sightseeing spots in Nagasaki are China Town, Megane (spectacles) bridge and the Peace Park.

We visited China Town twice, both in the evenings, the first night we went to one of the restaurants near the entrance and ate champon.


Well actually, J ordered champon and I tried a bit, my main dish was delicious sweet and sour pork. Champon is a famous Chinese noodle dish in Japan but the original and supposedly best comes from Nagasaki. I thought it was ok…but J thought it was amazing.


The second time we wandered to China Town some local children were practicing for a festival, they were very cute with their little drums and bells.

Megane Bridge is not far from China Town, a short walk away down the river. We went that first evening and had a relaxing and cooling time sat on a wall dangling our legs over the side.


Apparently it is the oldest bridge of its style in Japan. There are many bridges across the river and it a nice walk after eating too much Chinese food.

On our last day in Nagasaki we visited the Peace Park, we didn’t go to the museum partly because we didn’t have time and partly as we went to the museum in Hiroshima already.

IMG_3030 IMG_3034

It was a lovely place that paid tribute (as much as public park can) to the people who lost their lives due to the bombing.


Part of a surviving church wall was moved to the epicenter, you can see scorch marks down the side.

We also visited Hashima Island and Glover Garden but I took so many photos they deserve their own posts!


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