Osaka: Hanshin Tigers Baseball game tips!

Once again I went to see the Tigers play, it was my 5th time this season! Sadly its getting to the end of the season now and probably the last game I will be able to attend. Luckily we could finish in style!


Our seats were the 4th row behind the batter. O.m.g.

The tickets were actually a gift from a very generous student of Js. We couldn’t believe it as the usher led us closer and closer to the front!

The game was Sept 28th Tigers v DeNA and Tigers won!!! Wooho. Though they won with only one home run in the 12th inning.

We could see the teams clearly, it was amazing. I was kicking myself for not having a real camera on me, these are all iPad mini photos.


We were sat in front of all the cameras and media.


At the beginning of the game we were sat inbetween the photographers. After the first inning they scribbled down some notes and rushed off to make some serious deadlines.


We had such a fantastic time watching the Tigers, our friends were messaging us saying they just glimpsed us on TV!


We had front row seats for the inbetween festivities such as Lucky dancing with the cheerleaders.


After the win we hung around as usual and everyone was in high spirits. My friend and I asked for a photo with this lovely Tigers lady.


Here are my tips for seeing the Tigers –

1. Head to the stadium about an hour before to walk around see the stalls and take in the atmosphere. 

You too can take a picture in this special photo op area.


Or with a giant beer can.

2. Buy snacks and drinks to take in.

You can take two drinks each and they will pour them into paper cups for you before you enter the stadium. Of course you can buy snacks and drink there but for higher prices.

Daiei the supermaket by the station carries these adorable tiger breads.


3. Buy Hanshin balloons.

Everyone sets off balloons in the 7th inning, and again at the end if they win, you don’t want to be the only people missing out.

4. Take a cushion or towel to sit on.

There’s a reason they sell Hanshin seat pads, the seats are uncomfortable.

5. Order at least one beer from the beer girls.

They are cute and it’s fun to see them pour beer out their backpacks.

6. If Hanshin win…hang around the stadium to sing and celebrate, then head to under the bridge for more singing and sometimes dancing.

7. Make friends.

Tigers fans are the most friendly Osakans I ever met, they all want to talk to you, practice their English and take pictures. Some guys we met this time were on a high school reunion, one guy talked to J and his friend was shocked to hear him speak English, he had know idea he could!


8. Seating… of course if you can get the seats we had this time, if not the cheapest seats are great, you will be in the stand with all the die hard Tigers fans. The people who direct the singing and chanting are in that stand too so you get a good singalong.


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