Lolita: Kera Shop Osaka Tea Party with Kimura Yu

Occasionally brand stores have tea parties to promote new items or as a thank you for loyal customers. Sadly I can hardly ever go as they tend to be on a Saturday, but Kera Shop had a Sunday evening party on the 28th September.


I went with some members of the Osaka International Lolita’s, the lovely Liping and Karyn.


The tea party information was posted online on the shops blog and Twitter page, I promptly went down to the shop and bought one for us each at ¥3,000.


On the day we met at the store first and were led to the venue by the staff members. We visited the Mon Cher cafe not far from the shop.

First we chose our drinks, and they came with a roll cake.


Then the fashion show started, it was all pretty informal, there were four models, mostly shop staff and Kimura Yu. The dresses were all from the Royal Princess Alice brand.



After that was an interview with Kimura Yu, I couldn’t think of any questions to ask her, and it got a little awkward when they were looking at us foreigners expectantly at the back and we were like….erm…we’re ok!


Finally we were allowed to eat, though our ice cream had thoroughly melted and my coffee was cold. Oops.

The next part of the evening was Bingo! Yay. The first prize was some Royal Princess tights.


So close!

Then we carried on talking and relaxing while people could go in the back and take pics with Kimura Yu. The shop staff were very kind to us and kept checking to make sure we were ok, the main shop staff told us how surprised she was when I asked for tea party tickets.

Every single picture this person took for us was blurry! Lol.

Sometimes it’s better just to do it yourself!

The girls on our table were pretty young (18 and 17) and really sweet, they travelled from Aichi and Gifu just to be there!

After some time we could go for our picture.

I look so stiff in this picture!! Especially next to bubbly Kimura Yu!

By then it was nearly 8:30pm so we said our goodbyes <3

Liping wanted some meat after all that sweetness so we went to an Italian place before going home.

All the meat.

I had a lovely time at the event, thanks for coming with me Karyn and Liping! <3

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