Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma x JINS PC

Rilakkuma teamed up with JINS PC a chain of eyewear shops to make cute Rilakkuma glasses.


And guess who just happened to need new glasses…..? Me!




Dont they all look cute?! I popped into the JINS store in Tennoji and they had some on display. The pink Korilakkuma ones were already sold out and that must have only been 2 days after release. I couldnt stay as I had to get to work but I really liked the orange x brown Rilakkuma ones.

When I had time I went back for them, but they were totally gone! After searching a few local stores an employee told us all stores were sold out and they were online only.

I quickly went online and ordered a pair. As I needed a new prescription I paid an extra 2000yen and got my glasses with a lens voucher so I could go in store and get new lenses fitted.


The glasses are meant to reduce blue light from pcs and cell phones and improve your sleep, and we all know how much Rilakkuma likes to sleep! Isnt this such a cute way to present scientific information.


As well as the glasses JINS x Rilakkuma released some limited plushies and a tote bag. Sadly I didnt see these instore or on their website.

In Tokyo a special Rilakkuma visited the store to kick off the event.


I love his specs and sleeping hat, did you spot his cell phone in his hand?!


There are 40 of these special limited edition Rilkkuamas that you cant buy – only win. As I bought mine online Ive been put into a draw for winning one. Fingers crossed!

Back to the glasses –

I received my delivery 3 days after ordering.


In the box were my glasses, limited edition case, lens cloth and lens voucher.

The next day I took them to the JINS store in Tennoji Qs Mall, presented my voucher and got an eye test. Luckily the staff member was really helpful and spoke a little English, so we were able to get through the test together. If you’ve ever had an eye test you know what to do anyway (red or green, no 1 or no 2 slide clearer?).

I waited 5 mins to get my test, the test itself took 15 mins and then I was asked to return in thirty to collect my glasses. Perfect!


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