Lolita: Disney x Angelic Pretty Upside down story



Angelic Pretty teamed up with the Disney Store in Japan for an Alice in Wonderland range called Upside Down Story.



It was released on Friday 29th, I was at the store at 11.05 and *just* missed out on getting the one piece. I naively didn’t think it would be so popular or Id have queued up before opening. Everyone around me in the store had the dress, and it looked really nice, much better quality than the Alice and the Pirates x Disney collab skirt of last year. I asked the sales assistant but there were no more.

I decided to grab the beret.



I love the double Disney and Angelic Pretty tags!


The quality of the beret is great, and its nicely lined. It matches my Angelic Pretty short coat perfectly!


A bad pic of it being worn, it looks better irl than it does on the website and promotional pictures.

Sadly I had to go to a work meeting and then to work in another school and couldn’t get to any more Disney Stores, and actually there are only two in Osaka.

I went back today to the other store in Shinsaibashi, there wasnt much left! Two cardigans, the tote bags and some jewellery.

I picked up the last pair of earrings.


They had some of the University Bear outfits, and after checking that they would fit Duffy / Shelly May I got one!




The dress has an AP label inside!










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