Lolita: Ahcahcum Muchacha rabbit mook bag

I bought the new Ahcahcum mook in July, it was my first one as I don’t like the rabbits with red eyes!


Bag, with detachable gold chain.

Postcard book.


The postcards are so quirky, and the card is nice and thick.


I really like the bag, I’ve used it a few times, I can *just* fit my iPad mini in it if I jam it down.

The ears are so cute on the bag, but I wish they were stiffer so you could stick them up or style them.

I thought about putting wire in them, but I’m really not crafty. Joana has the same bag and when we met up she encouraged me to do it. So last night I did!


I got some wire and a seam cutter from Daiso for ¥108 each, cut some wire, put electrical tape over the ends so they weren’t so sharp. Opened a stitch in the bottom of each ear and inserted the wire. Then I realised I couldn’t sew the ears up, the material was too thick for my needle and thread! So I got my hot glue gun out (also from Daiso!) and glued them shut.


They still flop over and don’t stand up stuff, but at least you can style the ears of sorts now.


Anyone else tried this, any tips?


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