Osaka: Dog Tail Dog Cafe

I still miss my dog in England and crave some puppy love, so I love meeting other dogs in Japan. I’m the weird lady who smiles at cute dogs on the street.

Recently cat cafes, rabbit cafes and owl cafes have been popular. Most of the dog cafes I find are cafes for dogs and their owners with a dog friendly menu.

So I was really excited by Dog Tail cafe.


Dog Tail just opened in June, and for ¥1000 you can spend 50 minutes relaxing with the dogs and enjoy a drink.


J made a friend right away!


This is Cherry, the new face at dog tail, she’s only a baby!


I’m really conscious of bothering the dogs too much, they must get pestered all day for hugs and attention. So then usually I don’t get much interaction, certainly not as much as I’d like!


I did get to hang with Pop the Pekingese for a while though, she was so sweet and soft. You can’t see but she was also wearing a rather dashing bow tie.

Dog Tail was clean and friendly, the staff spoke some English (definitely enough for the cafe) and the dogs were well behaved and seemed well cared for. We visited on a Monday afternoon and we saw 8 other customers during our 50 minutes.

The only rules are, wash your hands in and out, don’t stand up holding the dogs and keep your drink on the shelves around the room.

I would definitely visit again, even by myself with a book just to relax and try and get some doggy cuddles.


7 thoughts on “Osaka: Dog Tail Dog Cafe

  1. Thanks for sharing! The dogs are really adorable! And it is so thoughtful of you to not pester them too much. The dogs must love you for that. You must miss your dog so much back in England. What is it’s name and of what breed is it? I love dogs too so I can understand how you must feel. =] lovely pics!!

    • Sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner, don’t know how I missed it! My dogs called Pickles and he’s a Tibetan Terrier, not a v popular or well known breed. He’s a cheeky chappie and always gets what he wants. He has been known to open the fridge door to get at left over pizza. Twice. How about you, do you have any pets?x

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