USJ: Harry Potter at night

On Monday we had a free day so decided to pop to USJ, the Biohazzard event is going on again but we didnt go early enough to get tickets. We arrived at 2pm and could still get Harry Potter timed entrance tickets for 7.40pm. We decided to get them!



USJ was still pretty busy with kids being off school and college still, we just went to the Shrek 3D movie and then left, with our year passes we can leave and re-enter later in the day. We returned just in time to go straight to Harry Potter.


The castle looked so pretty lit up at night!


As you can see it was still pretty busy! Though the queues were much more reasonable, we waited about 20 minutes to get into Honeydukes / Zonkos.



The widow displays are so pretty!


In the queue they told us all the Bertie Botts every flavour beans and chocolate frogs we sold out. It was disappointing but luckily Id already tried the beans at work – I ate a grass one and it was nice, but other people got bad egg, vomit and soil ones – ewww.



Inside there wasnt much stock left, some peppermint frogs and fudge flies and a few toys. Maybe I could have bought something but the long line to pay put me off! Another time…

J grabbed some more butterbeer and a matching mug, then we decided to try a ride. There was a 80 min wait for the Hippogriff ride or 100 mins for the Forbidden Journey. We did paper, scissors, stone for it in true Japanese fashion. I won and I was the Forbidden Journey!


The wait wasnt so bad I dont think, in total it took about 45 minutes, but the queue took us around the back of the castle and inside where there were lots of set areas. A statue of the golden phoenix, doors leading to Potions rooms, Dumbledoors office and the sorting hat! It was really entertaining!


I really loved the old pictures, some were tv screens showing people in the pictures talking and moving, and of course my favourite was the fat lady – Dawn French. Its a shame they didnt have a moving staircase though.


The ride itself was also amazing, it was part ride part attraction, the seats moved and tilted and sometimes you hovered above tv screens and others you were in a real set. So disorientating and confusing! The dementors were pretty scary too!!

Sorry for the poor iphone pictures, I didnt take my camera, but I hope you get a feel for how it looks and what its like!

You can find out more about the ride here



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