Lolita: Japan Lolita Association Teaparty

On July 20th I attended a tea party at Christies cafe, Harajuku with Misako Aoki, organised by the Japan Lolita Association.


It was a bit of a mission for me to attend, I decided to go as Id never met Misako before and so booked an overnight bus to Tokyo, but couldnt get any accommodation in my usual places. The last time I chose somewhere random it was absolutely awful. So decided to get the night bus there and back in the same day!

I arrived pretty early, freshened up, changed, got coffee and waited to meet Sarah V, Sarah K and Abiba for the Rilakkuma Cafe, which I already posted about here.

After the cafe I headed straight to Harajuku with Sarah V. We were a little late (5mins) but weren’t the last to arrive.


Misako down at the far end!!


The event opened with some speeches and then everyone had to stand up and introduce themselves. EEEEP. It started at my side of the table so I was third, and my Japanese was the worst of everyone there.

After that the cakes were served! We got one each and a scone.

Misako spent time at everyones table talking and lastly she came to ours!


This is Sarah admitting she came from Gifu by night bus to just to come to the event, Misako was like “Bus?! Woah. How long did that take?!”. Lol.


She made sure to say hello to everyone and call them by their name, it was very sweet, and shes very good at what she does. She tried to remember things about people (i.e. she remembered I was English from my intro) and their countries events she had been too and people she met there. We even talked about Deerstalker pictures videos a little!

After 2 hours the event was over, we had a closing speech and thank you, then we could all take a picture with Misako.


How can anyone look halfway decent next to her!


With Sarah V at the event!


With Akane the lovely lolita who organised everything! <3


Some of the lovely lolitas I met! We took lots of photos together on these stairs around the corner from Christies, it turned out to be a wedding venue and the chef came out and invited us in. We spent ages walking around inside and taking more photos!

Michiko is organising a tea party at the place called Jardin de LUSEINE for September! I hope I can go.


The event was reported for Matcha travel magazine, and we were filmed also, but not sure who that was for.

Japan Lolita Assocation

JLA Facebook

Christie Harajuku

Misakos blog

4 thoughts on “Lolita: Japan Lolita Association Teaparty

    • Aw thanks, Misako is a goddess! Lol. I believe this was the first event, a “pre-event” to see what kind of interested there would be and what people want. The International Tokyo group meet pretty regularly though x

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