Rilakkuma: リラッくじ Rilakkuma Lottery 32


I haven’t been following rilakkuma news so closely lately, and was surprised to see a new rilakkuma lottery in Ito Yokado.


I thought I’d try even though I’d probably get the bottom prizes, and I have enough glasses (6!) from the last lotto, the Shima Shima series.


I got the mat! On the picture blue looks best, but irl I liked the pink better.

The quality is so so, the picture isn’t so clear, but the mat is very non-slip!



What do you think?

For ¥600 it’s ok! And the guys seem to like it!


9 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: リラッくじ Rilakkuma Lottery 32

  1. Oh wow!! I think the pink mat is really pretty! I would have preferred that to the blue one too.😊 Congratulations!!
    The last pic is really cute too!😄

    • Thanks, I like the original items in it too, and I think sometimes it’s good value as well. I always get the bottom two prizes though….maybe one day I’ll be lucky!x

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