Osaka: Factory Cafe Umeda

I discovered a new cafe the other week: Factory Cafe!

From their website –



The lunch menu is so cheap, with bread buffet and drinks bar!


The cafe is not far from Osaka JR station, in fact I’d walked past it many times before and never noticed! There was a bit of a queue to go in when we arrived, but we decided to wait and only took 20mins or so.

I ordered the meat lunch special, and J got the hamburger steak.


First our quiche came, it’s so hard to get quiche in Japan and it was delicious!



It all tasted as good as it looks!

The drinks bar had coffees and juices, and a homemade nonalcoholic mojito! It was so tasty!

My favourite part has to have been the bread bar, I love bread and they had lots of miniature curry breads, sweet breads, hot dogs and croquette sandwiches.


The place was full of ladies lunching after shopping and couples, I’d definitely go back again. It was so yummy and my bill was only ¥1500!



2 thoughts on “Osaka: Factory Cafe Umeda

  1. All the food looks so yummy!! And yes!! Very reasonably priced too. The ambience seems great , good place to just sit down and relax..😊

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