Lolita: Osaka Lolita Shopping Guide

Osaka shopping guide for lolita’s

My guide to shopping in Osaka for lolitas, Ive included shops that might be of interest to lolitas not just brand stores. If you click on the store name it should take you to that stores blog for stock info, opening times and events.

I hope you find it useful, happy shopping!

Shinsaibashi / Amemura –
1. Innocent World – 5F
Classic/sweet classic lolita brand. Good size, well stocked store with polite staff. They give you space to browse and don’t hassle you, but are there if you need them. Lolita brand prices.


2. Angelic Pretty – 1F
Sweet lolita brand. Ground floor shop front, bright pink you can’t miss it. Staff are friendly, they smile but never really talk to me.


3. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – B1
Go down the steps by Tiger to get in. Big store, the stock can be a bit hit or miss. Good shoe selection. The staff aren’t unkind but not so smiley and I feel they get too close when I’m browsing. Brand prices.


4. Atelier Pierrot – 2F
Small but well stocked with Atelier Perroit, JetJ, Moite some Victorian Maiden and Triple Fortune. Brand prices. Lovely helpful staff.


5. Jane Marple – 1F
Good size store, really friendly and helpful staff. Higher than normal lolita brand pricing.


6. Metamorphose LON COURT 1.5F
Sweet lolita store. Tiny shop, go inside and it’s up on your right. Brand prices.


7. Sex Pot Revenge 1.5F LON COURT
Goth punk store. Same building as Metamorphose.


8. Putumayo 1F
Very friendly staff.


9. Algonquins 1F
Next door to Putumayo.


10. Vivienne Westwood (Head Store)1F
Large store. You can also buy VW socks, tights, purses, handkerchiefs, gloves, hats and scarves at large department stores e.g. Daimaru. Higher than UK prices, but some Japan only releases. (Edit Aug 2014 – there is a VW Anglomania store opening in Lucua dept store Umeda this month).

11. Priscilla Wigs 2F
Go in the accessories store and up the stairs on the right at the back of the store.


12. Miho Matsuda B2F Big Step
Classic goth/aristocrat brand store. In Big Step, third floor, on the right hand side.

13. Kera Shop Arena B2F Big Step
Next to Miho Matsuda in Big Step. Half punk and half lolita styles, small selection of MAM, Mary Magdelene and Millefleurs.

14. Kinji 2F Big Step
Large second hand store in Big Step, included as I once found an old BTSSB skirt there and they have a lot of vintage blouses for classic lolita.


15. Near 1F
Second hand lolita store. Next door but one to Angelic Pretty. Go to the back of the corridor and it’s at the end on the left. Small cramped store. Everything is in polythene bags so noisy and difficult to browse…but you might just discover a dream dress at the right price.


16. Maiden Clothing
This store is split in two, one part in the CD shop Pure Sound on the second floor of the building to the right of Burger King. The accessories don’t seem bad (necklaces, socks, bows) but selection of actual clothing and bags tend to be tired, and overpriced.
The larger and better area is inside a building to the right of Pure Sound and Burger King. You have to enter the ground floor menswear shop and take a lift to the 5th floor. Look for the mannequin outside on the street. It has a selection of lolita and visual kei clothing.

17. Marble 2F

18. Atelier Boz 2F
Gothic aristocrat clothing brand.Usually has a mannequin dressed up at the bottom of the stairs. Been in once, the staff were nice and seemed to have a good selection.

19. Alice Auaa JAN 2015 – NOW CLOSED


20. Leur Getter / MILK / Katie. OPENED JAN 2015

The old ETC store changed to Milk with Leur Getter, then moved to this new location as Leur Getter with Milk. Nice store, friendly staff. Had a good stock when I went, but it had just opened!


How to get there: Shinsaibashi Subway Station exit 7 leads you to OPA, Midosuji line (red) or Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi line (yellow).

Umeda –

1. Q-Pot1F Lucua
Chocolate, macaron, cupcake and biscuit themed accessories. Prices about ¥10,000 for a necklace.


2. Swimmer/Chocoholic 6F Lucua  AUG 2014 – this store has now closed. Nearest store now in Tennoji (see below).
Cute kitsch accessories, they made the infamous biscuit bags. A lot is super cheap and tacky but you can find loliable accessories, cardigans, home and kitchenware. Prices about ¥2000.


3. Fi.n.t6F Lucua
Some loliable items can be found here, bags, blouses, shoes, cardigans… Prices about ¥8000.

4. Liz Lisa1F HEP5
Gal brand, good for cardigans, bags, hats and jewellery. Prices about ¥8000.


5. Ank rouge6F HEP5
Girly style clothes, some loliable accessories, blouses, etc.. Most jsks and skirts are too short for me for lolita. Prices around ¥8000.


6. Baby the Star Shine Bright OPA B1. MOVED TO B1 FEB 2015

New good sized store with a nice selection. In the underground shopping area near HEP 5.

How to get there: JR Osaka Station, Umeda on the Midosuji Line or Hankyu Osaka Station.

Tennoji –
1. Axes Femme 1F
There are two in Tennoji, one in MIO plaza shopping mall 2F and another across the bridge in Qs Mall 1F. High street brand that has a lot of items good for lolita, blouses, cardigans, boots etc.. Prices around ¥5000 for a blouse.

2. Swimmer 1F
In Qs Mall by Axes Femme.

3. Algonquins 1F
Also in Qs Mall.

4. Liz Lisa 6F

5. MILK 2F in Tennoji MIO Plaza (not main building).
In MIO Plaza (see here), good size store with new releases, usually stocks a few of the famous heart bags.

6. Amavel 7F
Off brand store but has some good blouses and accessories, the ops and skirts tend to be really short on me though.

Tennoji also has Ank Rouge and Fint in the MIO shopping mall, the stores had a renewal on Feb 26th 2015.

How to get there: JR Loop Line or Midosuji Subway Line.

Out of the way –
1. Guignol
Craft and independent artwork shop/gallery. Worth a look if you are close by and have time, the area is quite hipster with a few vintage shops and cafés.

2. Victorian Maiden Head Office
You can visit VMs head office store, it’s open weekends. You have to press the intercom at the entrance and ask to enter. Check their blog for more up to date info.

3. Jesus Diamante 1F Umeda Sky Building
Such a beautiful store, it’s huge and has a full selection of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. There are lots of interesting books and collectibles on display and some gorgeous furniture including a bed!

Last updated – 05.06.2015

Recent changes –

New BTSSB shop in OPA B1 in Umeda/Osaka, so now Osaka has two BTSSB stores.

MILK store in Shinsaibashi moved and changed to Leur Getter with MILK and Katie.

Alice Auaa closed.

Kera Shop and Miho Matsuda moved from Big Step 3F to B2F.

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