Osaka: Tenjin Matsuri and Fugu Karage

Again I had to work the same day as Tenjin matsuri, I did get lucky though and had an early finish on the 24th so I could go to the evening festivities before the main day.

I watched some dancing in Tenmangu Shrine, then walked along the stalls towards the river.


First we scooped for coloured balls!


Then J tried a nerf gun range and won a Kumamon beach ball!

After that we sat in a food area by the river and had a drink where I saw…


Fugu karage! Deep fried pufferfish!

I’m not an adventurous eater, but I’ve always secretly wanted to try fugu. Usually you only get fugu in special fugu resturaunts as it needs careful preparation, so you don’t ingest too much toxin and die! Because of this it can be quite expensive and then if you don’t like it, it’s going to be really offensive to the chef and his special fugu cutting skills.

For ¥300 I wasn’t going to risk lots of money, maybe just my health… Oh well I decided to go for it!


I don’t know what type of fugu it was, but not the same as the one usually seen in fugu resturaunts, a much smaller version (and so maybe safer?!).

Here I go!


It was delicious! Just like gourmet fish ‘n’ chips back home!

Only on two mouthfuls did I feel a tingling in my mouth! It was fun!

I’d definitely be up for trying fugu properly now.

Out of all the strange foods in Japan I’ve tried unagi (eel), ikura (fish eggs/roe), uni (sea urchin) and now fugu (pufferfish).


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