Festival: Kyoto Gion Matsuri 2014

This was my third time going to at least some part of Gion festival, this year I visited on the Yoiyoiyoiyama night. Sadly I couldn’t attend the main day Thursday 17th due to work.


The event was pretty typical for us, I rented a yukata and had my hair styled (post here!) which made it a bit more special and we went on a parade float for the first time!


During the 3 evenings leading up to the parade the Yamaboko floats are displayed around Kyoto, you can walk among them and enjoy the music.


As well as the usual festival stalls of food, drink, fish and amusements.


For the low price of ¥1000 you can gain access to a parade float!


Just pay at the small counter selling goods by the float, take off your shoes and on you go up!



The view was fantastic, looking down on the busy streets.



The music was so so loud when I got in the float itself. I thought my ears were going to start bleeding!


It’s pretty big inside actually, there were maybe twenty people in it!

We stayed a while taking it all in about 15 minutes, but then more people came so we moved on.

As a memento we got a fan and booklet about the parade as part of the entrance fee.


I’m glad we finally got to visit a float!


Gion matsuri: http://www.gionmatsuri.jp

4 thoughts on “Festival: Kyoto Gion Matsuri 2014

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