Osaka: Tanabata Star Festival

July 7th was the Tanabata festival in Osaka. We visited Shitennoji Shrine and the Okawa River.









For ¥100 we made some tanabata wishes and tied them to the bamboo. There wasn’t as much going on as last year (not as many food stalls, no dancing or performances) so we didn’t stay long.

Later in the evening we went to the river light up event, it’s meant to make the river look like the Milky Way.


Blessing by a priest.


Waiting to start.


The lights were thrown from boats from 7:20pm.



Every way you looked you could see lights that went on for ever!


We paid ¥1500 on the day to enter the restricted area and make a wish by throwing a light in. The queue to throw (or roll down a bamboo ramp to be more precise) was huge but only took about 30 minutes to get to the front.


At 9pm the people on the boats got fishing nets out and start to scoop them all up again!

Shitennoji Shrine
Okawa river event


8 thoughts on “Osaka: Tanabata Star Festival

      • Hmm I’m not sure, the husband works late usually so I might wait until the fall when my sister comes to do anything XD I’m boring and I never like going anywhere alone hehe. How about you? Anything big going on?

      • It’s Gion matsuri next week going to wear yukata and have my hair styled but it’s forecast thunderstorms! ;( I won’t be able to attend Tenjin this year (Osakas big festival) and my fav local one is coming up as well but I can’t go either as nipping to Tokyo for one day for a lolita event. Got a beach day planned and maybe a trip to Matsuyama in obon. Later this year F1 and Nagasaki trips! Yay! I want to do more things though!!x

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    • Of course, you can get some lovely views especially from the bridges – but it’s very busy and the police like the crowd to keep moving so you might only get a glimpse or two! :)

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