Kansai: Yamazaki Whiskey Tour

A few weeks ago I headed back to Yamazaki with J for the Yamazaki Whiskey tour! I did the paid tour back in October but it was Js first time. We could only go on a Monday and the paid tour was unavailable, we could only participate in the short free tour.



When we arrived we were told there was a special surprise for us, a journalist from the Kyoto newspaper wanted to follow us on the tour and do a small interview!



In the whiskey library.


The tour was almost the same as last time, maybe just a little faster, no time to linger. We had the English audio guides to listen to but the descriptions were pretty long and before we could listen fully it was time to move on.


We had to stay behind a few times for photos for the journalist, and we did some awkward pointing and posing.


At the end of the 30 min tour was the free tasting session!



The guy in the bottom left above is the reporter!

Because of our special participation we got extra whiskey! And a gift of a coaster made from old whiskey barrels. Thank you!


To make a reservation for a tour you have to call in advance.


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