Rilakkuma: Kobe Harbourland Store

I finally made my way to the recently opened Kobe store!


Kobe and Kobe tower.








The Kobe Rilakkuma store is part of Kiddyland in Harbourland, 2F unit 4. Take a train to JR Kobe station and it’s about a ten min walk.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


5 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Kobe Harbourland Store

  1. Oh yay, you got to go!! Wow, it looks really spacious compared to the other – so pretty and well-lit! Rilakkuma Stores Thanks for sharing these photos, I’ll have to live vicariously through them hahaha. One day soon I hope to go!! :) :) :)

    • Not at all, thank you for looking at them! The store wasn’t so big as was part of Kiddyland but had some stock that I know Osaka doesn’t have right now, and all the limited Kobe things – hand towel, plastic file, tissues, candy and the rilakkuma store worker plushies!x

  2. This is amazing thank you for all the lovely pictures!! It looks very big, if you have a sailor inspired Lolita cord it’d go perfect~ did you get anything :D thanks again!!

    • That would be perfect ! Sadly I don’t have any, only an offbrand hoodie. I didn’t get anything at all – unbelievable! But I’d like to go back for the new sailor limited ins in July!x

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