Lolita: International Lolita Day

Twice a year lolitas set aside a Saturday to gather with fellow lolitas and have good times. Sadly I always work on Saturdays! So once again I pushed ILD back to a Sunday!

The Osaka International Lolita group met in Osaka for shopping and dinner at the Alice Restaurant.

I wore Geo lenses for the first time since 2006! I got them in Taiwan and they were super cheap, I’m not sure if I like them. My eyes looked big, but also a little dead!


As we were visiting the Alice in Wonderland restaurant we had an Alice themed dress code! I wore my Jane Marple Alice JSK, Milky Pop Alice key cookie necklace and Disney Alice book bag.

First we went shopping in Umeda and Amemura, we tried to visit the newly opened Alice on Wednesday store but the line was too long – we would have been late for dinner!

I bought the new Swimmer clamshell bag. It’s super cute, but I can barely fit anything in it!


After that it was time for dinner!





I had the Shaka Shaka Mexican salad again and an original cocktail.


Thanks to everyone who came <3

We just had time for some quick purikura before people had to go back to Hyogo, Gifu, Kyoto and Mie!


It was a bit of a challenge trying to fit 7 petticoats in one photo booth, so we split up. I got photos with these cuties!


Looking forward to meeting up again soon!

Please take a look at what other people did for ILD!

Lovely post by Vief about my old comm in the UK, Leeds lolis.

The gorgeous Nancy’s post about the German lolitas ILD.

7 thoughts on “Lolita: International Lolita Day

    • Thank you! The Alice’s uniforms were a little short and sexy but apart from that v cute! The food was v yummy though portions a little small! I hope you can visit it one day!x

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