Kansai: Little Feat Penguin Bar Kobe


There’s a bar in Kobe with penguins! Actually there are two, AREKEY in Nishinomiya and Little Feat in Sannomiya, but we only went to Little Feat.




We arrived about 7pm on a Monday and were the only customers, so we got to pick the best seats in the house…right in front of the penguins tank.



There are 3 penguins, they were really comical and kept shaking their little bottoms and going for a swim. I’m not sure how I feel about keeping penguins in a bar…I don’t know enough (anything) about how they came to be there and how to care for penguins, but they seemed happy enough.


The cocktails at the bar were very good, but about ¥1,000 a piece. It was strange the rest of the bar is American themed with lots of old signs and gas pumps, not penguin themed at all!

We stayed for an hour or so and the bar started to get a bit busier, so we moved on.



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