Osaka: Jean-Paul Hévin Cafe & Hanshin Rabbit Pop-up Store

On Sunday my friend invited me to the Jean-Paul Hévin cafe in Osaka.



We both went for the ice cream set.



Wow it was so rich and delicious, the sauce was cassis (a special edition for May) which I don’t usually like but with the ice cream it worked well. I liked how the sauce set a little on the ice cream.



In the shop next door I bought J a salted caramel eclair!

Afterwards we visited the rabbit exhibition in the Hanshin department store, by Sleeping Forest and other local artists.



It was so hard to decide what to buy, but in the end got this Alice key cookie necklace by Milky Pop.


I dressed a little casually as I didn’t have much time to get ready, I wore my ETC skirt, ETC gold cardigan and some accessories. J wasn’t around to take an outfit shot, but you can kind of piece it together from my top and bottom.


In the evening I met J for Oktoberfest in Tennoji park.


Where he demolished the salted caramel eclair! I did get a tiny nibble though and it was amazing! We had lots of fun at Oktoberfest there was a fun atmosphere and the beer was tasty!

Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier

The event at Hanshin has finished but you can still visit the Sleeping Forrest store in Kyoto

Milky Pop

Oktoberfest is on in Tennoji until June 1st


One thought on “Osaka: Jean-Paul Hévin Cafe & Hanshin Rabbit Pop-up Store

  1. Oooh everything looks so delicious! I’m in the mood for chocolate now… I was wondering if anyone I knew would go to that Sleeping Forest thing! I like what you bought – it’ll go well with a lot of your wardrobe.

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