Osaka: Hirakata Rose Garden

I read online this past weekend was the perfect time to view roses in Japan. Nakanoshima is famous for it’s rose garden but as we’d already been twice we went to Hirakata Park.



The event only started on the 10th May but by the 19th when we visited the roses were a little past their best. Still, it was pretty, smelt good and the weather was sunny!



J took some photos of me in the garden that I didn’t instantly hate! Success!




I’m wearing my BTSSB Flying love from Juliette op, Innocent World bolero, off brand hat socks and shoes, new Milky Pop necklace and my bag is from Swimmer.

We went on a gentle water ride around some pretty flowers and watched the rose train take people around the park. Our last stop before the park closed at 5pm was the petting zoo.



J shook hands with an otter and I cuddled up to a stylish alpaca (she was so soft!).

The Hirakata Rose festival is on until June 1st 2014 and cost ¥1400. Rides and the petting zoo are an additional ¥300-500 per person.


2 thoughts on “Osaka: Hirakata Rose Garden

  1. I guess it’s been pretty hot this year because Tokyo roses bloomed a bit early as well! I love that dress on you! The alpaca-chan is very cute in an awkward, why-am-i-wearing-clothes way <3

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