Rilakkuma: Lawson & Lottery items

A small Rilakkuma update!

At the end of March I tried the Banpresto Lawson Rilakkuma lottery and got prize H. I chose the Kii nail stickers!



I haven’t tried them yet as I always have bad luck with these types of nail stickers, they start moving on my nail bed and come off easily after a few hours. I must be doing something wrong!

I saved enough Rilakkuma stickers to get the new bowl from Lawson too.


The Korilakkuma version should be available now and already got most of the stickers I need for that!

I also saw a matching plate in Lawson 100 for 300 points, which J got for me! :D


Annnd I got this file a while back from buying two of the sweets items in the offer in Lawson. I only got one as they sold out pretty quick!


The Shima Shima Rilakkuma series is just so cute, I pretty much love all the items in the new in store lottery.


I’d love to win the chair but not sure it would support my weight! I tried and won the glasses, which I totally didn’t mind as they are so cute!


I want to try this lottery again!

Lastly what seems like a long time ago now Lawson were asking people with the Natural time rilakkuma mugs with flaws to return them for another item. It involved me sending it off via a Lawson store Yu pack service for free and waiting…and waiting….it was worth the wait though as what I received was this drinks cup.


Wow this post is pretty much all kitchen items! I didn’t realise I had so many!


2 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Lawson & Lottery items

  1. Oh wow that’s awesome you got such a cute cup!! I should really go to Lawson, they always have the cutest Rilakkuma stuff. Hope you and your husband are genki~ happy end of golden week :D

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