Osaka: Osaka Mint Cherry Blossom

It really was my last time to view cherry blossom this year! We went by the Osaka Mint on Monday where they have an impressive array of late blooming varieties.


Everyone else went to enjoy it too!







Some trees were at their peak and some others past but it was fun being pummeled with falling petals!


We met a man with his bird and he let me hold him and feed him.


Then without warning put it on my head.


We went back in the evening to see the trees lit up but was so crowded didn’t take many pics.



7 thoughts on “Osaka: Osaka Mint Cherry Blossom

  1. Gorgeous pictures! The sakura looks really spectacular. The birdie is so cute! Was he tethered in any way? Or just really tame? I wish I could go about the town with mine on my shoulder!

    • Thanks Sapphira! It was beautiful, and the blue sky made the perfect background. The bird was so tame, when we said goodbye he just perched it on hit hat and walked off! Your bird is still a baby, I hope you can coach it to be your outdoors companion!x

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